disney touch screen vibrationsDisney Research introduced a new technology that will allow users to feel the texture of images on touchscreens through vibrations.

Based on the electrovibration phenomenon, TeslaTouch enhances touch interfaces with tactile sensations.

“Our technology provides a wide range of tactile sensations to fingers sliding across surfaces of any shape and size, from small mobile displays to curved or wall-sized screens,” Disney Research reported.

The technology can be easily combined with a wide range of touch sensing technologies, including capacitive, optical and resistive touch screens. When combined with an interactive display and touch input, the tactile technology enables the design of interfaces that allow the user to feel virtual elements through touch.

It can be used to enhance a wide range of applications with rich tactile feedback, such as feeling properties of interface elements in graphical user interfaces, maps and characters in video games, textures and colors in graphical painting applications, and many more.

Check out a video depicting the new technology in action below:


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