App  Annie,  a business intelligence  and market data platform for apps and digital content, today announced that it is moving  into  the  books  world with its latest offering, App Annie for eBooks. The product line provides publishers, authors, agents and marketers with a free dashboard for tracking their own eBook sales and downloads as well as research information on market trends worldwide.

“The eBooks space is an emerging market with huge potential”, said Bertrand Schmitt, CEO, App Annie Inc. “There are a lot of similarities to the mobile apps market, from projected growth to methods of purchase and consumption to the need for business intelligence and platforms for analyzing the vast amounts of data we have access to. App or eBook, it’s all digital content, and that’s why we want to leverage our existing infrastructure to take the hassle out of managing and analyzing the complicated data publishers and authors are getting everyday.”

App Annie for eBooks consists of two components. The first, ‘Analytics,’ allows publishers to track all their sales and download data from multiple eBooks stores in a single dashboard. Publishers  can  analyze  their  eBook  revenues,  downloads,  ratings,  reviews  and rankings.  Furthermore,  App Annie provides a number of options for accessing data, including  a web dashboard,  email reports, downloadable  file reports and soon a mobile app.

App Annie ebooks Analytics+Single+Book+Screen

The second, ‘Store Stats,’ offers customers the ability to examine eBook marketplace dynamics, measured through rankings, ratings and featured sections across geography, category and time. With a comprehensive database of over one million ranked eBooks, Store Stats simplifies in-depth market research by aggregating the world’s eBooks store data into one place.

App Annie Store+Stats+Rank+History

App Annie for eBooks is available for the Amazon Kindle and iBooks stores, with more stores coming in the future.


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