Speaker slideshow presentations made public are now available from KidsWire’s Digital Kids Summit and Digital Kids Edu San Francisco events.

View the slides below for a slice of the expert research and insight shared at the show:

Digital Kids Summit

Michael Cai, Senior Vice President of Research, Interpret

Oren Jacob, CEO, Toy Talk

Dylan Collins, CEO, SuperAwesome

Jason Morrell, Director of Sales, Games, Virtual Piggy

Michelle Sullivan, VP, Digital, Kids & Family, National Geographic Global Media

Peter Robinson, Head of Research, Dubit

Renee Weber, VP, Consumer Strategy and Research, The Marketing Store

Joby Otero, Former VP Art and Technology, Activision, Creative Director Skylanders



Digital Kids Edu

Brett Somers, MIT-Stanford VLAB EdTech forum

David Kleeman, SVP, Insights Program and PlayVangelist, PlayCollective

Stuart Drexler, Chief Product Officer, Tykoon

Thijs Bosma, Founder, TribePlay

John West, CEO, The Whistle

Pierre Le Lann, Co-General Manager, Tribal Nova, A Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company


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