lil stylersLil’Stylers, an on-the-go kids’ fashion platform, has launched its first social media app, which connects parents with the brands, retailers, and bloggers that want to reach them, via a “share and shop” platform. The free app allows parents to identify the apparel brands and labels worn by children set through photo tags in the app community.

Brands and retailers can create website links to directly connect consumers to shopping pages for instant purchases.

“There are apps like Pinterest, Instagram and Stylemob, but Lil’Stylers fills a void in the social media space for parents who want to share their children’s fashion finds or discover new brands, while offering the built-in capability for click-through shopping and an avenue for bloggers to attract followers,” says Kirti Baliga, Co-Founder of Lil’Stylers. “Lil’Stylers has created a gateway for consumers, brands, bloggers, and other fashion influencers to seamlessly connect through one integrated experience that is as simple as Tag, Click, Shop.”

Lil’Stylers technology provides a platform to cater to each distinct group in their online community: parents, brands and bloggers.



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