clicknkidsEducational content provider ClickN Kids has announced the launch of its first ClickN Kids Tablet, tailored to both children, including teenagers, and their parents.

The ClickN Kids device comes with more than 30 pre-loaded applications including Talking Tom 2 and Talking Ginger, Diversion, Team Awesome plus the Looney Tunes Phonics program.

Featuring 100 interactive-reading lessons the Looney Tunes Phonics engages and educates kids with the zany antics of the iconic characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Tasmanian Devil, Tweety Bird and more.

Every ClickN Kids Tablet comes with a customized matching gel case  available in eight colors. With a dual interface that allows you to select “Kids” or “Grown Ups” features, the ClickN Kids Tablet is complete with parental control features that limit the amount of time kids spend on the device and allows parents to restrict access to the Internet.

The full-featured Android tablet includes WiFi, front-facing camera, music and streaming video players.




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