Toca Bocatocacars recently launched Toca Cars, its latest digital toy app in the company’s portfolio which  has surpassed 46 million downloads to date.

Designed for kids ages 3-9, Toca Cars leaves driving rules on the side of the road and encourages ‘anything goes’ fun.

The app features two drivers — big sister Viola Wheeler and her little brother, Walter Wheeler. Once behind the wheel, kids can race all through the Toca Cars world, both on- and off-track and bump into anything along the way.

Toca Cars includes a pre-populated world geared toward younger drivers seeking immediate fun as well as the ability to design custom environments, ideally suited for the older kids.

“In Toca Cars, we’ve delivered classic play on a mobile platform like never before,” said Björn Jeffery, Co-Founder and CEO of Toca Boca. “We’ve taken beautifully crafted cardboard play pieces, given kids full reign of the play environment and removed all the rules. It’s as close as you can get to the childhood pastime of playing with cars on the family room floor.”

Toca Cars is available now on the App Store with an initial launch price of $0.99.


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