fingerprintEngaging children in collaborative play and learning through activities that allow them to work together to solve problems is becoming an increasingly important factor in educating children in the digital age.  Research from Edutopia has found that collaborative learning helps improve retention, enhance interpersonal skills and time spent on tasks.

Inspired by the power of collaborative learning, Mobile kids entertainment network Fingerprint has partnered with app developer TigerFace Games to deliver seven new collaborative learning apps that allow kids and families to play and learn together.

This multi-title release on the Fingerprint Play network is designed for home and school. The new apps allow kids in groups of two to four players to team up or go head-to-head to hone their math, science and language skills using a single tablet.

“These types of collaborative learning apps are using technology to drive the most engaged, social learning by bringing kids together around a single device – much like the successful dynamics of a board game,” said Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and co-founder of Fingerprint. “For families, TigerFace Game’s award-winning apps on Fingerprint’s entertainment network are no doubt the future of a shared, mobile-learning experience at home and at school that is both purposeful and fun.”

These new apps by TigerFace join Fingerprint’s library of 40 learning apps developed for kids from ages 3-13 and cover subjects ranging from language, math, science and more.

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