nearpodWith today’s launch of the Nearpod Content Store, TIME for Kids is now available to educators in a format designed specifically for the mobile classroom. This new collaboration between presentation platform Nearpod and classroom news magazine, TIME for Kids, will provide teachers with access to the in digital form.

“With the Common Core’s emphasis on informational texts and the incredible growth of 1:1 learning programs, there is a critical need for high quality resources designed for the mobile classroom,” said Bob Der, Publisher of “TIME for Kids.” “Collaborating with Nearpod allows us to deliver our trusted content in a new, interactive form designed to support the more rigorous learning goals as well as engage today’s mobile learners.”

Available on the App and Play Stores as well as online, Nearpod is a device agnostic platform that allows teachers to create and share interactive lessons, receive feedback on student device use, assess knowledge in real time and personalize instruction for students based on powerful analysis and reporting features, all in a mobile learning environment.



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