zorbitsIn  a new app for iPad and iPhone, preschoolers children learn the math concepts they need to be ready for Kindergarten, entirely through story and play.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure, the first in a series of story-based math apps from Best Boy Entertainment, allows preschoolers to absorb math concepts naturally, in much the same way they learn their first language. As they progress through and intergalactic adventure with Zorbit and his alien friends, preschoolers practice and learn age-appropriate math skills like identifying, counting and representing numbers 1-20, colors, shapes, positional concepts such as above and below, attributes such as more and less, and how to follow instructions.

Along the way kids receive lots of verbal encouragement, stickers and stars. Completing the game successfully unlocks every level for free play.

The game was created in response to research showing  that early exposure to math is essential to children’s long-term academic and career success. The game design reflects the concepts in the U.S. Common Core guidelines for preschoolers.




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