ROBLOX ScreenshotCreative online building and gaming platform ROBLOX  has released data highlighting strong continuing growth for the company. In the first six months of 2013, ROBLOX saw 13.4 billion pageviews and 339 million hours of site and gameplay engagement. Total engagement for the first six months grew almost 230% over 2012.

As of June 2013, these numbers indicate that ROBLOX is #1 in total visits, total pageviews, and total minutes in the comScore Kids, Games, Online Games, Teens, Toys, and Education categories. ROBLOX continues to top the comScore Kids Category in five separate areas, including average daily visitors, total minutes, total pageviews, total visits, and average visits per visitor.

In the future, ROBLOX plans to continue driving momentum by enhancing its graphics rendering and performance, launching international versions of the platform, and offering new opportunities for developers to engage in the ROBLOX virtual economy.

According to ROBLOX CEO, David Baszucki, the company’s main growth drivers are “building quality, fun and engaging products.” Baszucki said, “Most of our growth comes in the form of users telling others of the product. Because most of our traffic comes from word of mouth, we want to focus on the idea of  building the product, making it easier to play with friends, communicate and share communication. This will help drive growth amongst users, who tell their friends about us.”

To hear more about ROBLOX as an emerging platform and technology in the Digital Kids education space, be sure register for Digital Kids Edu, where he will be speaking on a panel about the unique complexities including interactivity, immersion, scalability and intense user involvement that new technologies are now leveraging.



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