picsartMobile photo editor PicsArt, Inc. will be working with One Laptop per Child to bring mobile art to children around the world through One Laptop per Child’s newly released XO Learning System.

One Laptop per Child will pre-install the photo-editing app on its XO Tablet developed through a strategic partnership with Vivitar. The XO Tablet offers children across the globe access to easy-to-use PicsArt tools such as drawing, color-splash, smart blur and layering for photography capturing, and editing.

The two companies aim for these tools to not only teach children about the different forms of art through photography but also provide them with the opportunity to unleash their creativity by turning their photos into works of art.

“One of PicsArt’s primary goals is to educate people that everyone has the ability to become an artist. This is why we couldn’t be more pleased to team up with an organization like OLPC, which is always making huge strides in educating children through technology on a global scale,” said Artavazd Mehrabyan, PicsArt’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

In addition to providing children with a number of photography options, PicsArt’s drawing tool will give OLPC kids the ability to express their creativity through their own illustrations.



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