disney-infinity-toy-boxWith days to go until the launch of Infinity, Disney announced that the toy-game hybrid products will enter the market not only on gaming consoles, as expected, but also on mobile platforms.

In a surprise announcement today, Disney revealed that it has created two new mobile apps as components to the Infinity project. The apps include the Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad, which gives users the freedom to build their own game worlds on-the-go, and  Disney Infinity: Action!, an app that allows users to generate their own movies. The company will launch its toy-video game console component on August 18th with the mobile games launching shortly after.
Several years in the making, the Infinity project is one of Disney’s biggest gaming initiatives to date, marking its attempt to create cross-media entertainment by uniting its physical toy products with the digital world of mobile, tablet, and game console devices.
Disney Infinity will function as what  Disney calls a virtual toy box, allowing kids bring collectible figures to life in interactive worlds they create themselves. The game will include both Toy Box and Play Set modes.
In Toy Box mode, children encounter blank slate, giving them to the freedom to  “mash-up” their favorite combination of Disney characters and customize their own virtual world. Interoperable, kids can create a game world using the iPad app and then access it on their game console as well. This cross-platform feature works through Disney’s newly revealed cloud-based identity platform, Disney ID.
John Vignocchi, executive producer on Infinity, said in an interview with GamesBeat that “the identity system enables a true cross-platform experience. You can, for instance, create a custom world with the Toy Box mode on the console, mixing and matching characters from different Disney properties. Then you can save it to the cloud. You can then go to a friend’s house and access it via an Xbox 360 or an iPad.”With the new Disney Infinity: Action! app, users can generate their own video content that can be spliced with animated Disney characters. The combination of user-generated content with  animated characters allows kids to make and share funny videos with friends and family.
In Play Set mode, children can place a character on the Infinity game base and play in the game world specific that that character. For example, a child could place a Toy Story character on the game base and launch into the Toy Story in Space world, announced yesterday. If successful, Infinity could become a top competitor to Activision’s $1 billion Skylanders toy-game business.We are excited to have John Vignocchi speaking at our Digital Kids Summit next month. Be sure to register for the Summit to learn more about Infinity and hear Vignocchi’s insights on he ways that toys, most notably interactive figurines, can be integrated into digital gameplay!



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