touchstoneDespite the common idea that children are preoccupied with video and online gaming, mired in digital routines that sometimes exclude real-world exploration and imagination, Kid Bunch and Touchstone Research, Inc. have released a study showing that today’s youngsters hope to explore and learn about the real world, science, technology and space exploration. The study shows that these children demonstrate real-world exploration interest  both at school and through fun and educational digital apps.

Overall, only 25% of kids feel they’ve learned a lot about space exploration in school. Adults realize importance of science in their kids’ lives and the potential for “stealth learning,” or using technology to engage and involve kids while they learn , with 80% of parents agreeing that there needs to be more quality educational material for kids on mobile devices.

Coinciding with this need, the study found that 2/3 of kids and parents would download a mobile app that combined digital gaming with learning about space science and the Apollo 11 mission. 90% of kids believe STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) learning subjects to be very important in education today.

As a way to combine interest in digital and real-world learning, the study suggests that learning-while-gaming apps just might be the middle ground for enhanced STEM education that kids and parents want.


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