As we announced last week, the schedules are now live for Digital Kids Summit (Sept. 19th) and Digital Kids Edu Day (Sept. 18th). Taken together they provide a holistic approach, covering both digital media entertainment and education. A quick outline of both events is provided below. Register for only one show ($245) or for both shows ($395) before August 16th.

You’ll hear from industry veterans from Activision, Disney, Google, Club Penguin, Pixar, Google, National Geographic, Lightspeed Ventures and more as they share their passions for innovation, understanding of the market and path to financial and public success.

dksummit2013-button-200x200Digital Kids Summit – Sept 19th
Visionaries share what it takes to create captivating digital entertainment products and services that sell well!

Sessions Include:

– Globally Speaking – Trends and Numbers
– Understanding App Value From Parent’s Perspective
– Characters & Conversation
– Engaging via People, not Products
– Two Customers in One: Game Development for Parent & Child
– Uniting Digital and Real World Experiences
– Integrating Toys in Digital Gameplay
– Creating Products and Services that Sell Well
– Re-imagining Traditional Brands for Today’s Digital Natives
– How to enter the market, and make a splash – An Investor Shares His Insight
– The Kids’ Perspective – An Onsite Focus Group

dkEDU2013-banner-200x200bDigital Kids Edu Day – Sept. 18th
Innovators discuss the rapidly growing and changing market for children’s digital media education products.

Sessions Include:

– Redefining What It Means to Educate Kids Today & Digging Into Trends & Numbers
– Emerging Platforms & Technologies
– Defining Your Strategy
– Creation over Consumption & How to Plan for the Future
– App Design in Education
– Gamification of Education
– Utilizing YouTube in the Education Space
– Monetization Strategies
– Town Hall Meeting

Registration – Save when you register before August 16th

Attendees have multiple registration options: registering for Digital Kids Summit, registering for Digital Kids Edu or registering for both events at a discount. Registration for a single event is $245 when you register prior to August 16th. The price is $295 thereafter. Registration for both events is $395 before August 16th or $495 thereafter.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.


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