app annieIn Q2 2013, an App Annie mobile market report revealed that Google Play brought in 10% more in app downloads than did Apple’s iOS App Store. However, while Google leads in number of app downloads, the iOS app store still generated 2.3x the revenue, highlighting a wide gap in app monetization. India and Brazil contributed strongly to Google’s app download success, the report showed.

The United States and China stayed on top when in came to Q2 iOS App Store downloads, together making up about 40% of the App Store’s total downloads. The United States also remained a leader in iOS App Store revenue generation, along with Japan and United Kingdom, together¬† accounting for about half of the total iOS App Store revenue in Q2.

In regards to Google Play revenue, Japan and South Korea led the growth, contributing to bout 70% of total Google Play revenue.

The Games category maintained its dominance in the iOS App Store, accounting for roughly 40% of App Store downloads in Q2 2013.

When it came to revenue, the Games category also dominated in both the App Store and Google Play. Games accounted for nearly three-quarters of total iOS App Store revenue in Q2 2013, up from about 70% in Q1.

In Google Play, the Games category drove revenue but at greater extent than in the same category in the iOS App Store. As of Q2 2013, games in Google Play accounted for over 80% of revenue, compared to about 75% for the iOS App Store.

The data above highlights how quickly Google’s operating system is growing but also shows that Google still has some work to do when it comes catching up with Apple on revenue generation.


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