oztalesThe Wizard of Oz is coming to families in the form of an interactive story. FamLoop has released Oz Tales, a digital storybook app that can be personalized by family members to include a child’s name, information about a hometown, a family joke and more through the app’s recording feature. Oz Tales introduces a new form of storytelling, one that combines the classic storybook and modern games in one fluid family experience.

Designed for children ages 5 and up, OZ TALES immerses kids in a modern and lighthearted interpretation of a classic story. With OZ TALES, kids are in control of Dorothy’s journey. For instance, they can use the iPad microphone to talk to Auntie Em, or satisfy Toto’s snack-time hankerings right in the story as they make their way to the Yellow Brick Road in this beloved classic story.

“We designed Oz Tales to combine time-honored storytelling with entertaining mini-games built into the storyline to add a new level of education and entertainment to the family storytime,” explains Ken Law, CEO of FamLoop, a pioneer in interactive storybook apps for the iPad.

OZ TALES combines dialogic reading, which has been shown to help children learn to read and improve vocabulary, with captivating mini-games that keep kids reading and interacting.

The app is available now through FamLoop.com and the iTunes store.


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