Children’s Educational Apps developer SparkyKids has launched its first app, ‘I Don’t Lie’, an interactive and customizable story app which kicks off its Sparky Book series.

Developed in collaboration with in-house child education experts, a professional team of designers, narrators, and production engineers, the interactive story features original educational content designed to instill positive behavior in children in a fun way.

‘I Don’t Lie” immerses children by allowing them to personalize their story using their own pictures, names, voices and ethnic backgrounds

Kids can also engage with multiple modes of storytelling, such as Read or Read-along, and choose to listen to a professional narrator or record their own voice to narrate the story.

The app is designed for iPad, available for download in the AppStore. A multi-platform version of of ‘I Don’t Lie’ will be available later this summer, for all major mobile devices and operating systems.

Additional titles on the SparkyBooks Platform will be released late this summer.



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