SPARKUP LTD. MAGICAL BOOK READERTechnology and design startup Sparkup launched its Magical Book Reader to help children interact with real printed books as they stay connected with family and friends through technology while learning. The Sparkup Magical Book Reader merges the non-digital world of printed books with the benefits of today’s technology.

“Digital screens dominate our kids’ lives today, but we know families still love to read quality, printed books,” says Amir Koren, founder and CEO of Sparkup. “This was the inspiration for the new Sparkup Magical Book Reader—to celebrate the magic of books—real books. We leverage technology to take kids and the whole family back to a fun, interactive and tangible reading experience.”

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader attaches to any picture book on a child’s bookshelf, allowing kids of all ages to read along with the personalized, pre-recorded voice of their dad, aunt, grandma, or any other loved one.


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