MIND GAMEZ LLC HISTORY HERO LOGOApp developer Mind Gamez today launched its first app, History Hero, an interactive video game on a mission to teach history to children and teenagers as they tour historical sites. Developed in consultation educators, History Hero brings history to life on mobile devices.

With a gaming approach to engage children during their travels, History Hero turns sightseeing into an entertaining, interactive experience through a battle between the History Heroes and the evil Erasers.

The Erasers are aliens who plan to destroy the world’s collective history. Kids delve into the game as the History Heroes who protect the world’s history by recording data about key artifacts as they visit museums, churches and other historical sites.

History Hero recruits children age 4 and up to 23 of the world’s historical sites in the U.S and Europe.

The app  is designed for Apple operating systems, available for download in the App Store. The Android version of History Hero will be available later this summer.


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