dkEDU2013-banner-200x200bKidsWire is pleased to announce Digital Kids Edu, a 1-day summit on Sept. 18th in San Francisco covering the profound innovations in the rapidly growing market for children’s digital media education solutions.

The event focuses on consumer-oriented children’s learning products and services that are democratizing education and redefining what it means to educate children today. It takes place the day prior to Digital Kids Summit on Sept. 19th.

Since 2007, when we first launched the Digital Kids Conference, education has played a peripheral role. It now takes center stage at Digital Kids Edu.

We have reached a pivotal point in education. While using digital media to stimulate learning is nothing new, a swirl of evolving technology has sparked a mass of thought and innovation.

The large installed base of tablets mixed with ubiquitous nature of smartphones and the low costs of software development and distribution means entrepreneurs worldwide can apply new and innovative techniques to solving education’s largest problems.

Many innovative solutions now being developed are not curricula-oriented but are in fact consumer-focused products or services, available to anyone with access to the internet or a mobile device. App Stores now distribute powerful, inexpensive learning tools to parents and schools at the touch of a finger.

What to Expect

Digital Kids Edu is the first event of its type, designed to bring together forward thinking entrepreneurs and kids experts to talk about strategies, market evolution, operational techniques and how to grow the market by meeting the needs of children today and tomorrow.

With this first event, we are not catering to just the entrepreneurs. We welcome educational technology professionals, publishers and digital directors along with entertainment and media executives seeking to educate kids via digital devices.

We hope DKedu will provide value to district technology directors, curriculum designers, administrators, educators and researchers looking to integrate digital learning tools in the classroom as well.

Network, Learn, Connect

Join us in this dialogue. Digital Kids Edu is your one-day opportunity to network, learn and connect. Along with unmatched content, you’ll talk with peers and garner insights on how to navigate this rapidly emerging market.

Now, with just under 90 days to go we want to share the event publicly so that you can mark your calendars.

More details will be revealed on KidsWire and the Digital Kids Edu website in the weeks ahead. If you would like to be involved, please feel free to contact us.


Attendees have several attendance and registration options.

DKedu takes place the Sept. 18th, the day before Digital Kids Summit on Sept. 19th. Both will take place at the world-renowned Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

Registration for DKedu is $245 now until August 16 and $295 thereafter. Registration for DKedu and DKSummit together is available for one low price: $395 before August 16 and $495 thereafter.

See you in September!


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