snapchatAs many know, the Snapchat real time picture chatting app targets teens and adults, allowing them to take and share pictures and videos with friends that disappear up to ten seconds after being viewed. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to create accounts.

In its previous iOS update, Snapchat introduced age-gating, a way to ask people their age on the registration screen and deny access to those under the age of 13.

Now, in addition to age-gating, the team has decided to try something a little different.

In its newest iOS version, kids under the age of 13 can fill out the registration form. Their user information is not sent to Snapchat and an account is not created. Instead, kids gain access to “SnapKidz,” a version of Snapchat that includes an interface for taking snaps, captioning, drawing, and saving them locally on the device, but does not support sending or receiving snaps or adding friends.

The feature is currently only available on iOS but will likely be included in the an upcoming Android update, the Snapchat team says.


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