With stricter children’s online privacy rules going into effect July 1, privacy groups are getting ready to monitor websites and mobile apps targeting children to ensure they comply with the new regulations, Ad Week reported.

In an 18-page letter released Monday, the Center for Digital Democracy called for help from over 60 children’s civil rights, advocacy and medical groups in monitoring apps and websites.

“We’ll be focused initially on the major kids sites—Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network—to make sure they respect the new rules and empower parents with the information and control they deserve,” said Jeff Chester, executive director of the CDD.

The letter gives groups the background of the new rules and provides a legal guide of what they should keep an eye on when going over sites and apps for violations.

Some potential violations the CDD listed included asking children to take or upload pictures of themselves, collecting location information and sending pop up push notifications on the devices even when the app is not in use.

If any of the groups find a violation, the CDD is asking that group to notify them and the Federal Trade Commission, Ad Week continued.

The FTC announced amendments to the  Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act last December, requiring child-targeting websites and applications to obtain parental approval before collecting personal information from kids under 13, effective July 1.



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