roam-wander-tutu-toy-wideChildren’s entertainment studio Roam & Wander wants spark children’s imaginations by bridging the gap between touchscreens and real-life toys, TechCrunch reported.

The Hong Kong and Taipei-based startup is now seeking funding on Kickstarter for its first stuffed animal, a pink rabbit named TuTu that comes with touch-screen accessories for iPhones and iPod Touches.

Rather than serving as just a mobile device holder, the TuTu app and toy was designed to give children in the digital age a more engaging way to interact with mobile devices.

“I love video games, everyone in my family is a hardcore gamer–my wife, my sister, all the females in my family,” said Roam & Wander founder Jason Warren. As a father, Warren became concerned about the amount of time his daughter and her friends spend on tablets and smartphones.

“They didn’t have a strong connection to physical games. They were literally living in a digital world,” said Warren. “I didn’t feel that was super healthy, so I thought there has to be a way to use the creative canvas provided by smartphones and embed them in toys to make them more fun and engaging.”

Using an iPhone or iPod Touch, children can power the facial expressions of TuTu and play with her by using a set of plastic toy with touch-enabled sensors such as a milk box, carrot and toothbrush, according to TechCrunch. Kids can also groom and rock TuTu to sleep, interacting with the toy’s motion sensors.

When TuTu is in her dream state, kids can then play a series of games and learn more of the bunny’s story.



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