gamepopMobile company BlueStacks will be adding three paid games which would normally cost over $50 in Google Play to its newly announced GamePop android console.

BlueStacks uses proprietary technology to convert mobile titles into console titles that can be played with the system’s gamepad, or using an iPhone or Android phone. The company is backed by several strategic partners including Qualcomm, Intel and Austin-based AMD, makers of the new chips for the XBOX One and PS4 consoles.

Where other companies in the new space have focused on hardcore gaming and competing with more expensive legacy consoles, BlueStacks is aiming for a younger, more mobile-focused generation.

“For the kids who use our apps, the mobile phone is their gateway to the digital world,” said Martin de Santos, co-founder of top education app developer Tipitap. “But when they’re in the living room, it’s better when families can share the experience together on a huge screen, rather than a tiny one. Interactive books for example is an area I’m especially interested in bringing to Gamepop.”

BlueStacks also announced that GamePop will include titles by Korea’s largest game developer, COM2US, a publicly traded company that was recently valued at $500 million dollars.


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