toon gogglesToon Googles, an entertainment channel offering kid-safe and parent-friendly programming, has partnered with Southern Telecom to launch a new free app for the Polaroid 7” Kids Tablet. The app will bring viewers instant access to Toon Goggles’ selection of animated and live-action content for children.

“The Polaroid Tablet is an excellent example of Southern Telecom’s commitment to creating durable products for all ages,” said Jimmy Huynh, Director of Internal Operations, Toon Goggles. “We are very proud to provide another well-known manufacturer of quality consumer electronic products such as Southern Telecom with Toon Goggles’ premium animation library. By bringing the Toon Goggles application to all Polaroid children’s tablets, we hope that kids everywhere can experience the best quality of kid and parent-friendly cartoon content.”

The partnership will also bring Toon Boom Animation Inc.’s creative app “Boom Goggles”  to tablets. The “Boom Goggles” app is developed jointly by Toon Goggles and Toon Boom.

Available in the Google Play Store, “Boom Goggles” allows users to demonstrate their design skills instantly by creating their own stop-motion cartoons. Polaroid Kids Tablet users will be able to export their unique creations to the Toon Goggles platform, sharing their innovations with friends and family.



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