KINGSISLE ENTERTAINMENT LOGOKingsIsle Entertainment today released two new worlds, Marleybone and Aquila, for its multiplayer online family game, Pirate101.

“This is a substantial update to Pirate101 – larger in scope than any we have done before across all of our games,” said Josef Hall , vice president and creative director at KingsIsle Entertainment. “Two new game worlds, 15 levels and the introduction of highly anticipated systems like the Bazaar give our rapidly expanding player base exciting new capabilities and vast new areas to adventure in.”

The Marleybone story, in Book 13, transports players to a war zone they helped create. The new world will bring a cast of new characters and companions.

Book 14 takes players to Aquila where they attempt to win the favor of Athena and Ares.  Those playing the game will meet new heroes and enemies as they embark on adventures in Aquila.


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