An amazing ocean adventure free iPad game called Superfugu_20130502-123609Venice, Calif-based WemoLab today launched its first mobile product, SuperFugu, an interactive tablet app built around a superhero puffer fish named Fugu. SuperFugu takes kids on a “digital field trip” of the world’s oceans, allowing them to interact with and learn about different aquatic species while collecting golden coins, escaping dangerous predators, and rescuing and collecting Fugu’s fish friends. SuperFugu is available exclusively for iPad and can be downloaded free on the App Store. SuperFugu is powered by WemoLab’s first product, theBlu, an AI platform of the world’s oceans populated with digital recreations of its inhabitants.

“Wemo stands for ‘world emotion’ and our goal is to create next generation, immersive connected experiences that bring people together from all over the world,” said co-founder and CEO Neville Spiteri. “The feedback we received on theBlu overwhelmingly demonstrated that there is an exploding appetite for family-centric content with an element of learning and fun.”

WemoLab was founded in 2010 by Neville Spiteri, Scott Yara and Anthony Batt. The company is funded by a group of strategic angel investors including Digital Garage (Joi Ito), and is headquartered in Venice, Calif.


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