fortumopaybymobileDevelopers now have a way to activate mobile payments on all Microsoft devices. Integrating cross-device payments on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone, mobile payments provider Fortumo today launched in-app payments for Windows Phone.

With this update, app and game developers can use a single SDK to activate payments on all Microsoft devices: desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and smartphones running any version of the Windows Phone operating system.

End-user buying virtual coins or unlocking new features can complete payments in two clicks without leaving the app. Fortumo aims for such a feature to lead to better payment conversion as well as improved user experience and increased revenue.

“With Windows Phone we are seeing a repetition of what happened when Android launched –developers who were initially cautious in porting their apps to the new operating system are starting to see Windows Phone as a viable source of revenue,” said Martin Koppel, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Fortumo. “Our goal is to help developers who are making the move to Windows Phone easily monetize their users globally and with a more broadly accessible, higher converting payment method than credit cards.”

Mobile payments have two major advantages over credit cards – they have larger reach and stronger conversion. In emerging markets, there can be as many as ten times more mobile phone users than credit card owners. Through Fortumo, mobile app developers  access consumers who would otherwise not be able to buy or pay for services.

Fortumo’s in-app payments are now available for developers to integrate into any Windows 8, Windows RT or Windows Phone app.


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