kurato studiosCoding can be a difficult skill for any person to master and an even harder concept to teach in a classroom. By combining coding concepts with gameplay, Kuato Studios, a learning technology provider, has developed a way to make learning code fun for kids. The company today released Hakitzu, an iOS  strategy game app that teaches kids JavaScript coding on the mobile platform which is constantly at their fingertips.

Through this turn-based game, kids build robot warriors and fight friends in battle arenas using the common JavaScript coding language.

“Code is the essential tool for our age, yet traditional teaching methods haven’t ‘broken through’ in helping learners master coding skills.” said Kuato Studio’s founder and CEO, Frank Meehan. “The key to making learning fun for kids today is to make it social, exciting, challenging and graphically rich.”hakitzu

To build its goal of teaching code through gameplay, Kuato Studios conducted research in schools throughout the US and UK. The company customized Hakitzu for classroom learning by working alongside two U.S. schools: New Milford High School and Burlington High School.

“The students had the honor of testing Hakitzu and it was fascinating to see how quickly they adopted the game and caught on to its techniques; players would collaborate with one another both face-to-face and through the game.” Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent at Burlington High School, added. “Working with Kuato Studios gives me a lot of ideas on how to better serve our students with the integration of educational gaming and coding courses to give them an advantage upon graduation.”

Hakitzu is available in the App Store for iOS devices.


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