FAMAREA, LLC KINFISHThe Kinfish mobile app hit the market today, introducing a kid-friendly, safe and family-centric social networking platform which allows friends and families to privately share information in separate, secure customized networks where they can control and limit who has access to shared multimedia posts.

Along with private groups, Kinfish offers kid-friendly features that give children opportunities to draw and share artwork on directly on the screen.

For the younger audience, it can also be challenging to follow conversations. With Kinfish’s color-coded conversations, kids can  more easily understand who they are talking with on the platform.

Parents can additionally choose to monitor their child’s conversation or any conversation in their groups. For an even safer environment designed specifically for kids, caregivers can download the Kinfish Jr. app for their children, restricting group access and invitations.

“We noticed that more and more of us were getting frustrated at how our Facebook profiles were not private and required some arcane alchemy to figure out how to make it private time and time again. Personally, as a father who wants to share life’s moments with my family when I am traveling – we wanted to develop a solution to this challenge,” says Kyle Watson , CEO of Kinfish. “By creating a one of a kind social experience safe and free from the prying eyes of the world, we decided to put the power back in the hands of the parent.”

Kinfish and Kinfish Jr. are available exclusively in the iTunes App Store .



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