nookkidsappNook customers will soon be able to make purchases within apps on the platform’s devices. The Barnes and Noble subsidiary has entered a partnership with mobile payment provider Fortumo which will enable app and game developers to sell premium digital content within their products to Nook customers in the Nook store.

“We are thrilled to bring in-app purchasing to Nook with Fortumo for our community of developers so they can foster a profitable relationship with their customers, while also providing our Nook customers with a more in-depth app experience and an even wider selection of popular apps,” said Claudia Romanini, VP of Nook Apps, Nook Media, LLC. “We look forward to adding thousands of more apps that feature in-app purchasing over the coming weeks and months to expand NOOK’s already wide array of digital content offerings.”fortumo

In-app purchasing will allow developers to better engage with customers who enjoy using apps on their Nook devices and browsing the curated Nook Apps storefront.

For customers, in-app purchasing offers greater access to games and free apps on Nook and gives them the flexibility to buy extra levels, coins and other upgrades to make the app experience even better.

As Fortumo will also integrate a one-click checkout feature, once a Nook customer has registered for in-app purchasing, they will not need to enter their credit card number again before other purchases.


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