scoot & doodleScoot & Doodle closed a seed funding round today, bringing the real-time social creativity platform’s total funding to $2.25 million. The investment comes from Silicon Valley angel investors and Pearson learning company.

On the Scoot & Doodle platform, friends and classmates get creative together in a face-to-face digital environment where they play with ideas, create stories, draw, discuss, and solve problems together. scoot&doodlescreenshot

The company’s first product, a Google + Hangout app called Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts, launched a year ago and currently shows first-time users spending an average of 25 minutes per session, and returning users spending at least 32 minutes per session.

Funding will be used to further expand the company’s user reach and deploy its platform across multiple devices, including mobile. Scoot & Doodle also plans to add top talent to the team and continue work on its cross-device platform.

“At Scoot & Doodle, we believe play is an inseparable part of learning. This informs all of our product designs. We are committed to putting the power of social creativity in the hands of people young and old to inspire playful interactions that foster new ways of thinking,” said Christine Egy Rose, CEO of Scoot & Doodle. “With the support of our investors and Pearson, we’ll reach students, teachers and families through their unparalleled distribution to the K20 community.”

Kids using Scoot & Doodle experience creative jam sessions, anywhere, anytime, while also accessing opportunities for informal and formal learning through the product’s mix of peer collaboration, social community and open-ended design.





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