Bipper, a mobile safety solutions company founded in Norway and Bulgaria, today announced that its bSafe app has received Hollywood attention from actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who is investing an undisclosed amount in Bipper to take bSafe to the international market.

bSafe works as a mobile SOS alarm app for women. When a woman encounters an unsafe situation, she can activate bSafe with one click on a mobile device, immediately calling user-defined guardians and notifying them of her location and providing a video of the situation.

Pinkett Smith discovered the app after her daughter Willow began using it in the fall of 2012. She realized that the app could keep not only young but all people safe.

“bSafe is a safety service that can easily be used by anyone,” Smith said. “Users can ask for help, provide important information about their location and preserve evidence through video recordings with one click on their mobile phone. Everyone needs a service like this.”

After realizing the app’s value, Smith contacted Bipper’s founder and CEO, Silje Vallestad, and began working with her on plans to launch Bipper’s bSafe and MobileKids safety products in U.S. More than just collaborating on a product launch, Smith has now invested in the company.

“Bipper is my first technology investment, and I chose it because I saw the potential to solve real problems for kids, parents, and anyone looking to increase their overall safety,” Smith said. “I have great confidence in Silje and her team and look forward to working closely with them to increase the reach and impact of an already fantastic security tool.”




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