Parents frustrated with their children inadvertently making purchases on Apple’s App Store could receive some peace of mind. Apple, Inc. says it will pay to settle an April 2011 suit filed by five parents who claim the company included hidden charges in children’s game apps.

The lawsuit alleges that certain game apps downloaded in the App Store allowed children to make in-app purchases without the knowledge or consent of the adult account holder.

Apple has the chance accept the proposed settlement under which it would allocate $5 iTunes store credit to those parents claiming that their child made an in-app purchase without permission along with credit equal to the alleged amount for parents claiming over $5 in charges.

Those members who no longer maintain iTunes accounts would receive a cash refund, and those who claim an amount over $30 will also have the option to receive a cash refund over store credit.

In order to collect under the settlement, Apple users will have to attest that a minor bought game currency without being asked for or entering a parent’s Apple password.

If Apple accepts, it could potentially shell out over $100 in credits and cash refunds.

This settlement option still requires court approval and will be heard on March 1, 2013.


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