Traci Paige Johnson, creator of the preschool television series, Blue’s Clues, and Caroline Baron, co-creator of SuperWhy, have teamed up to launch a new interactive children’s media company, yummico.

yummico produces media for preschoolers across multiple platforms, with a focus on digital games, interactive shows, apps and e-books, as well as traditional narrative animation, print books and other consumer products. Featuring different characters and stories, yummico creates content that kids adore and parents trust.

The new company’s first venture will be a musical food adventure series called Yummiloo. Filled with Yum Yum’s, a band of creatures living in a world made entirely of food, Yummiloo uses story-based games to teach kids the basics of food identification and nutrition.

Expanding across multiple platforms, Yummiloo features an interactive game app, called Yummiloo Rainbow Power, produced in collaboration with Night and Day Studios. Yummiloo Rainbow Power will launch on the iTunes App Store on March 20, 2013.




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