Moondrop Entertainment launched its first app, Drawp, yesterday. Drawp is a free iPad app for children which allows them to create drawings on-screen and safely share them across a parent-approved network with a single swipe using the app’s SimpleShare™ Technology.

As many busy parents are giving their children iPads or at least access to a tablet, it becomes easy for the devices to turn into e-babysitters. Rather than using iPads only as an entertainment source for kids, parents are finding it important to engage in their kids’ digital activities through interactive apps with educational components. Moondrop Entertainment created the Drawp app as a solution to the need for parents, family and friends to remain involved in every aspect of a child’s life.

Not only can kids swipe to share their creations with family members anywhere, they can also collaborate with others using Drawp. The app allows a parent, family member or friend who receives a child’s drawing to add to color or audio to the picture and swipe it back. Users can access the app at home or on the go,  on or offline, and can even respond to a drawing through e-mail if they don’t have an iPad.

Available in the iTunes App Store, Drawp boosts child development in a safe way by allowing kids to create and connect with loved ones through a parent-customized network.



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