In the evolving Digital Kids™ landscape filled with kids eager to own their own smartphones, many parents find themselves worrying about child safety on mobile devices. As a solution to child mobile safety concerns, Bipper, a mobile personal safety product developer, recently released MobileKids, an Android and iPhone app which allows parents to monitor activity and set limits on a child’s cell phone activity.

Once downloaded on both the parent’s and child’s mobile device, MobileKids provides parents with reports on new downloads and contacts as well as daily and weekly reports on how frequently the child uses their smartphone. The parent version of the app aims to alleviate worries about child safety by providing a GPS-tracking option and allowing the adult to filter inappropriate downloads and contacts on a child’s phone. The app is less invasive on kids’ privacy because they know when parents download the app and can view the parent-established settings.

Other MobileKids features include time controls which allow parents to set restrictions on when kids can use their mobile devices, preventing them from using it at night or during study time, for example. The app also provides parents with additional child mobile usage control features such as limits on minutes, texts, Wi-Fi, Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) and other data.

The app is available for free until April 1, 2013.




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