While they are on vacation, many Boston Globe readers donate the proceeds from their subscriptions to the Globe’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) program. The program has traditionally served students from kindergarten through 12th grade with a mix of print copies and digital content using subscriber vacation donations. With the onset of digital reading and the impractical costs of paper, ink and distribution, however, the Globe has announced that NIE is piloting a new digital program which will replace print newspapers with iPads and digital subscriptions in Boston and Stoneham public classrooms.

The new program is using $65,000 of vacation funds donated by Globe subscribers to pay for 75 iPads and projectors, allotting 50 to Boston Public Schools and 25 to Stoneham High School. Along with iPads, classrooms will also receive subscriptions to BostonGlobe.com.

By launching this new program, the Globe hits the digital space where kids already reside, fostering digital learning and providing a wider range of content and educational tools.

“We believe that digital kids turn into digital adults, to put it simply,” Robert Saurer, the Globe’s director of customer experience and innovation, says. “We want to provide easy, portable access not only to our content, but to the greater world of content on the web – deployed in the classroom daily, streamed live, as the kids are learning.”

The new program will run through the spring semester before being evaluated through teacher focus groups.



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