Pre-school television show Tickety Toc will make its way into the kids app market in Spring 2013 as the show’s producer,  Zodiac Kids, partners with Cupcake Digital, Inc to create a line of digital story experience apps based on Tickety Toc characters.

Cupcake Digital is known for creating digital interactive story apps that include educational aspects and adhere to the Common Core Curriculum Standards. Including three modes of reading along with professional narration and learning games, the company’s apps bring characters to life and teach kids learning concepts such as recognizing words and sounds.

“Tickety Toc’s great storytelling is the perfect foundation for creating engaging, educational and high-quality story experiences,” said Susan Miller, President of Cupcake Digital. “As more parents share their smartphones and tablets with their kids, they will now be able to connect with Tickety Toc and experience a show they love in a whole new way.

The partnership is backed by U.S. licensing agent, Established Brands, and Canadian licensing agent, Studio Licensing, under Zodiak Kids. Products are set to launch in Fall 2013 in coordination with Just Play and Anchor Bay Entertainment toy partners.





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