Disney Interactive recently announced its new gaming platform, Disney Infinity, an initiative the company calls  its “most ambitious ever.” Set to launch in June, the gaming universe incorporates characters from three Disney franchises, Monsters University, The Incredibles, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and ignites kids’ creativity and imagination by allowing them to build their own stories and environments featuring their choice of character combinations. Disney Infinity will be available cross-platform on consoles, mobile devices and online and will also include physical characters.

Rather than functioning as a single game, Disney Infinity will work more like what Disney calls a “virtual toy box” allowing young consumers bring collectible figures to life in interactive worlds they create themselves.

In an interview with John Blackburn, leader of Avalanche Software, the Disney-owned studio that developed Infinity, TechCrunch learned that the “cross-property, cross-platform” gaming initiative will include both “Play Set” and “Toy Box” modes. When in “Play Set” mode the gaming experience stays true to a specific franchise, with no character crossover, while in “Toy Box” mode, children can “mash-up” their favorite Disney characters, customizing their own virtual world which they can also share with friends on and offline.

Blackburn explained that in both components of the platform, kids place physical Disney collectible characters on a pad which “teleports” the selected characters into the game. Through story-driven experiences, players can solve puzzles, battle enemies and explore famous locations specific to each Disney property. While playing the game, players also choose and collect characters, vehicles and gadgets from each world which they can save to their “Toy Box.”

Platform details are still in the works, but Co-President of Disney Interactive, John Pleasants, says  Infinity will “bring together the best of Disney IP, past, present, and future” on an “interactive gaming platform” which allows consumers to dive in and bring their favorite Disney characters to life in a play experience they create themselves.


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