Callaway Digital Arts, a lifestyle and children’s iPad app maker, has partnered with large toy manufacturer Hasbro to create a series of apps. They recently released their first collaborative project, the free-to-play Mr. Potato Head app which targets children ages 2 to 6 and is now available for iOS with in-app features available for $1.99.

The app transforms Mr. Potato Head into an animated character that children can control by dressing him up in any of the app’s 22 different thematic outfits accompanied by ten parts. Outfit parts include Pirate, Cowboy and Spaceman themes and can be interchanged in any way the child imagines, allowing them to create personalized four-armed mutant spuds.

Once kids dress him up, they can take their Mr. Potato Head on adventures in touch-screen, interactive worlds such as the “Pirate Island,” Wild West,” and “Enchanted Castle.”

Mr. Potato Head is a classic, endearing figure created 60 years ago. The spud was chosen to star in his own app because his interchangeable parts and outfits work well in a touch-based mobile application that promotes imaginative free-play, says Callaway CEO Rex Ishibashi.

Ishibashi says Callaway and Hasbro are discussing other apps to fill their portfolios but cannot disclose any other information about them yet.



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