Brian Waniewski, Director at Institute of Play, a non-profit design studio pioneering new models of learning and engagement, reported on New York public school, Quest to Learn, in a recent Fast Company article.

According to Wanieswski, Quest to Learn is pursuing the idea that teachers are only one collaborator in creating an learning experience that fuels students’ learning appetites.

Each trimester, all Quest teachers work as a team with game and curriculum designers. Not only do they create relevant, current curricula that encompasses the New York State standards, but they also strive to make and incorporate games that address specific learning or assessment goals and focus on areas where students commonly struggle.

Through game-based learning, students have access to standard curricula in a digital way and also learn sophisticated skills like conflict resolution and point of view through the engaging games. Learning through play take what games do best and applies  such principles to learning design, leaving young people wanting to learn the necessary subjects and concepts in a sustainable,  spirited way.

Game designers note that if the game takes an entire period to play, it is not fulfilling its mission effectively. The designers themselves are constantly learning from students experiences and reactions to games and refining their work to best fit educational needs.

Students at Quest to Learn perform at or above the New York’s standardized test averages and have showed significant improvements in systems thinking skills. The students find there is nothing “cooler” about Quest to Learn than engaging with game designers and actually encountering the design of their personal educations.



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