Julie Landry Laviolette, a writer and mom of a fifth- and seventh-grader, envisioned an interactive book that would entice tweens to read and from that vision founded Story Bayou, a series of interactive book apps.  Brush of Truth app, a brush of truth app which mixes e-book and game elements was named a 2012 Media of the Year winner in Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Holiday Toy & Baby Guide

Brush of Truth, for kids 8-12, begins with a story users read about two tweens who find an enchanted paint brush created by an evil sorcerer. The app then allows readers to decide what happens next, offering 125 pages of story and illustrations, with 65 decision points and 20 possible endings.

The app’s unique cross between reading and playing has brought it much recognition for engaging reluctant readers and sparking young readers’ interest in reading. In addition to its recent Media of the Year award, Brush of Truth has been named a “Recommended iPad Book App for Older and Reluctant Readers Ages 8-12” by Digital Storytime, and one of “6 Interactive Book Apps to Get Kids Excited About Reading” by Tecca.



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