Subscription channel Hulu Plus recently launched a section targeted specifically for kids. Hulu Kids, offering kid-friendly, streaming content is free of advertising, which has received much acclaim from parents. This ad-free service means kids are not bombarded with advertisements and the pressure to purchase toys and games.

Hulu Plus launched Hulu Kids as Hulu’s content team has been amassing popular content from Nickelodeon, PBS and Lionsgate Kids. A total of 43 kid-friendly shows were available on Hulu Kids at launch. These shows included “Thomas & Friends,” “Caillou,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Hulu Kids is available on menus across all Hulu Plus-compatible devices. Additionally, the launch of Hulu Kids comes with a new round of updates for the PlayStation 3.

The need for protected kids’ content was what motivated Hulu Plus to launch Hulu Kids. According to Hulu, they saw a great opportunity to create a one-stop shop for kids’ content in a secure environment.

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