Aiming to boost exposure and revenues for its educational music videos for children, myKaZootv has officially joined forces with Ameba, a multi-platform kids streaming TV service. myKaZootv, an emerging online childrens music video channel, today announced the content distribution alliance with Ameba as part of its mission to reach new audiences for family-friendly music on as many digital platforms possible.

“Were excited to partner with Ameba, and to provide some of the best artist-driven music content created just for children,” says Richard Ellis, a former record label executive and music marketing expert. Ellis co-founded MyKaZootv last year with Rick Dobbis, former President of Sony Music International. We like the way Ameba delivers content to families in such an effortless way. Its a great way to introduce myKaZootv content to more kids and parents.

“Ameba and myKaZootv are working together to shape the childrens streaming TV landscape by delivering fun, truly engaging childrens music videos to kids across todays most popular viewing platforms,” says Ameba founder and CEO Tony Havelka. “So, no matter where children choose to watch their videos via TV, smartphone, laptop, or tablet todays most positive and upbeat kids music videos will be at their fingertips wherever they go. With Ameba, myKaZootv instantly expands their audience to 5 million internet-connected devices and climbing. Children gain anytime, anywhere exposure to enriching music videos. Its win-win all around.”

Ameba subscribers can now watch several myKaZootv music videos on all of Amebas viewing platforms, including on the web, Google TV, Roku, and LG Smart TV. myKaZootvs videos on Ameba feature Grammy-nominated and popular childrens music artists, like Brady Rymer, the Dream Jam Band, Hey Wordy, Farmer Jason, Nonsense Box, Randy Kaplan, Zak Morgan, and Juno Jr.

Ameba is billed as: “a one-stop digital distribution solution that makes it fast and easy for children’s programming content providers and distributors to instantly: transcode and upload their videos to today’s hottest digital platforms; gain valuable mass audience exposure throughout the U.S. and Canada; and generate royalty-based revenues for their content.”

Amebas content library delivers thousands of hours of educational, preschool, musical, and multilingual programming to kids ages 2 to 12. For $3.99 per month, Ameba subscribers get unlimited, 24/7 instant access to a variety of fun, age-appropriate children’s TV shows.


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