Three years ago Adknowledge paid $50 million to buy game monetizer Super Rewards. But then its founder bought it back and today sold it to user acquisition service Playerize. Super Rewards’ embeddable paywall for developers lets gamers score virtual goods and currency by buying offers, completing surveys, and watching branded videos. Super Rewards will turn Playerize into a one-stop shops for devs who want to buy users and squeeze money out them while staying focused on making their games fun. But considering Playerize has raised only $1 million to date, this must have been a fire sale.

Playerize was founded in 2011 to drive growth for social and mobile games. The SuperRewards team and products will operate from offices in both Vancouver and San Francisco.

“The platform has undergone a lot of growth and improvement and there is a tremendous opportunity in the mobile and social game monetization space and we are extremely proud and excited that Adknowledge gave us the opportunity to acquire a majority stake in this product.” said Lyal Avery, Co-Founder of Playerize.

via techcrunch

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